Special Screening

The Bboy Connection rough cut screening.
09/21/12Mission accomplished was the feeling I had after the screening.Rough Cut screening to my film The Bboy Connection was a full house event. I didn't know anyone here only Mark Rock Cordero that came who is also in my film. This proves my point to Hollywood that always tries to put my film and I into the black urban film category. I told them many times please do not label me as I am not trying to be like Spike Lee. My film is for everyone. My last two screenings had 85% of people who are not of my culture and they loved my film and stuck around for the Q&A. They laughed at the funny scenes and were in wow mode. Many thanked me at the end saying they had no idea about not just the history of the bboy but the history of hiphop as well now makes sense to them.

Special Screening fundraiser event coming in March 2011. Free screening and visual art show.

If you would like to get involved and show support for "The Bboy Connection" documentary film please contact us in the contact form on the home page, thank you.

Details on the event coming soon.

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