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The Bboy Connection Webisode 12/ GO HARD OR GO HOME WEST COAST
Go Hard Or Go Home. A unique and innovative dance battle and showcase event bridging the world dance community in love, unity, and cultural exchange!

The Bboy Connection Webisode 11/ Life of bboy Charles Montgomery
Mini doc story of Bboy Charles Montgomery and being a single father to his daughter.
Charles is a Cali legend, pioneer of several air flare combinations, and one of the best over-30 b-boys on the planet.
Filmed at SCMX (Soul Control/Climax) Dance Academy
Filmed and edited by Beto Lopez "Mooncricket"

The Bboy Connection webisode 10. Rockers history: Ringo "Master Mind Rockers. Subscribe to catch the next webisode of some more legendary rock dancers coming very soon. 2nd camera Gina Richman

Bboy Mac Fleezy Sampler teaser webisode

Sampler video I'm currently shooting. I'm in need of some more original music to finish it. Any beat makers or links to some good original music with no lyrics I can buy let me know. Thank you for your support.

The Bboy Connection Webisode 9 Oakland, CA dance tour with Chuco
Chuco visits Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond and Emeryville, CA dancing what he does best and paying respect to where the dance comes from.
Filmed and edited by Beto Lopez

The Bboy Connection webisode 8/ 2002 trailer version Documentary

The Bboy Connection Webisode 7/ Never before seen footage first time posted.

Beto "Mooncricket" Lopez explains small detail of why his film is still struggling to be completed. Showing small samples from the film and still looking for support and finishing funds.

"I don't want to to talk about my personal life on camera but here in words I can say I am truly running out of time. Not just for the characters in the film but my own family. My mother is not well and everyday I am nervous. Trying my best to get my career started so I can take care of her properly. She passed out today again shorty after I made this video."

These are webisodes to express what I deal with everyday with people asking why isn't my film finished. I also have bboys speaking about what we all see that is happening in the industry that keeps some of the realist bboys & filmmakers like myself who are trying to do it right & original and not the Hollywood way.

The Bboy Connection webisode 6 - Motown Boogie 2010

2008 The Bboy Connection Webisode 5 Enter the mind of Chuco

The Bboy Connection Webisode 4 Rob Nasty, Remind & Quanzilla

The Bboy Connection Webisode 3 Ivan Urban action & Quanzilla

The Bboy Connection webisode 2 /Motion "Skill Methodz

The Bboy Connection webisode 1 "Bboy Chicano" lifecasting since 2007Sony BroadcasterFord Fiesta Agent Chapter One and Chapter TwoFord Motor Company AgentFord Fiesta Movement Chapter One Best Body of Work Award Winner
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