My first rough cut screenings were in 2003 at the San Francisco Black film festival.
2003 at the San Rafael film festival.
2003 San Francisco Roxy theater.
2005 the trailer played on many screens at the Sundance film festival before other films screenings.
The projectionist liked my trailer and would sneak it on for me.
After 2005 I kept the film quite but continued to film around the globe still to this very day 2013. 2012 of fall I came back screening and now is the time to continue to share the film offline for the world to see and be educated on the true essence of our dance culture. Hopefully soon this film will find the finishing funds to release it to the public for all to see. Like the Egyptians the characters in this film who have created this dance shall be remembered for many years to come with or with out funding. An educational timeline film that will entertain everyone of all generations and color. This film is for everyone and not just for the bboy culture.

Up coming free screenings

Pomona, CA February 27, 2013
Europe tour late spring 2013
Stockton, CA March 2013
San Francisco March 2013
Brooklyn, NY April 2013
Las Vegas, NV April 2013
Puerto Rico May 4 2013
Wisconsin May 2013
Los Angeles June 2013

The Bboy Connection rough cut screening.

Mission accomplished was the feeling I had after the screening. Rough Cut screening to my film The Bboy Connection was a full house event. I didn't know anyone here only Mark Rock Cordero that came who is also in my film. This proves my point to Hollywood that always tries to put my film and I into the black urban film category. I told them many times please do not label me as I am not trying to be like Spike Lee. My film is for everyone. My last two screenings had 85% of people who are not of my culture and they loved my film and stuck around for the Q&A. They laughed at the funny scenes and were in wow mode. Many thanked me at the end saying they had no idea about not just the history of the bboy but the history of hiphop as well now makes sense to them.
Hollywood always tells me my film is to authentic which to me they just told me my film is epic, golden and historical and timeless. So now after the feed back from the viewers and seeing it myself for the first time in many years I now know what is needed to be done in my overhaulin' editing.
The Bboy Connection rough cut screening.
Mooncricket Films LLC
Mooncricket Films LLC
Mooncricket Films LLC
Mooncricket Films LLC

I finally decided to stop waiting on help and support and do this myself. Went and got a projector and now booking my own free screenings hoping that the right people will come and watch and lead to the finishing funds that are needed.

Mooncricket Films LLC

2011 Fundraiser video. I canceled it from kickstater.

The Bboy Connection fundraiser video 2011 version/Canceled Kickstarter from Beto Lopez on Vimeo.


Today I woke up and watched a video on youtube on the Red Bull championships in Japan. Looking back at my film "The Bboy Connection" really has me wondering if my film will ever get the respect and support. Looking where I am today and seeing that I have sacrificed my entire adult life for my film has me creating a new strategy of how to get the film completed. With countless producers and investors who talk the talk and never follow through I can no longer wait on their support or help for the final completion of my film. People have been waiting for years to see my film and characters in the film are tired of waiting and some are still patient and excited. Some in the film have passed away and some are MIA. They want to see the film and many request from around the world. Film festivals have invited my film every year when they hear about it. My film was accepted into the Slamdance film festival in 2004 & Sundance called me and said they were interested as well. They all say the same thing "Get your finishing funds and every thing cleared." That was back in 2004 and here it is 2010 going on 2011 and I'm still in the same shoes with no support except for the community patiently waiting.

I still get phone calls and emails from producers who never follow through and only to get ideas from my film and run off with their resources and succeed creating related events.

It leaves me no choice but to set a date for March 1st 2011 in San Francisco and have a free screening fundraiser. I sat here in my little studio where I also sleep and realized I have so much material to offer. Over 1000 hrs of footage in hip-hop archives I have filmed over the last 20 years. My paintings and sketches I rarely show people. My boombox collection and my photography of photos I have never posted online. My new plan is to take all of this and have it all in one gallery. Print large prints of my good photos and display at least 20 of my canvas paintings. Multi TVs playing random videos of my work that I have not posted online. This is what people would see while they are walking into the gallery to the back where my film "The Bboy Connection" will be screened.

Hopefully people would donate and make offers on the paintings and photos that will be for sale.

We can never give up on our dreams and goals because there is always a solution and sometimes it has been in your face and it takes a long time to open your eyes. Instead of being upset with all the thieves, & flaky producers that love to talk the game, I have to use what I have and offer everything in one package. They say art is an expression. I am currently expression everything I feel about life, past present and future all into my art. This is more than just my film. This is my future and passion for my love as an visual artist.

God Bless
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