Mission Sunday Streets

The Bboy Connection Sunday Streets jam is a community event in San Francisco put on by Sunday Streets organizers.
The Bboy Connection street jam is put on by Beto Lopez. Free event and dance classes for the community.
2011 was a success and we will be back in March 2012-October 2012.

Click on the extended links to watch the videos.

The Bboy Connection Street jam at "Sunday Streets". Open Dance Floor & Free dance classes for the community. Writers Bench & open for live graffiti artist (No Aerosol paint cans pls). Live DJs by Zulu Nation SF. 11:00AM - 4:00PM in the middle of the street on Valencia in between 23rd & 24th. If you want to help teach hip-hop dance, bboying, Rockin', popping, locking, turfing, etc. hit me up. Classic Pedals Ride & Bike show will be set up next to the dance section. If you can't be their we will have it streamed for you live on mooncricket.tv.

Map and info on Sunday Streets www.sundaystreetssf.com

Here is an example of last years Sunday Streets in the Mission but this will be the first year were bringing real hip-hop the the community. Fast forward to the middle of the video to see more of what goes down in the Mission on Sunday Streets.

We will be letting people know how they can help support "The Bboy Connection Documentary and where to watch the a free screening of "The Bboy Connection" to help raise finishing funds for the on going documentary.

You can view the old 2006 extended trailer of the film here.
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Thanks for your Support.
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