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New Music Video - Orukusaki
If you are looking for a music video to be made please fill out the contact form and please be specific on what kind of video services you need. For us to give you our pricing we have to know what your budget is and details so we can estimate what it will cost for your budget.

Is it in doors, out doors, day light or night all the above?
How many days and how many locations?
Where will you need your video to be filmed so we can figure out about the travel cost.
How many people do you plan to have in your video?
Are there any props that you need and do you need a make up artist?

These are just the basic questions and we will be happy to work with a reasonable budget.

2016 music video I directed and shot with the Red Dragon Camera, DJI Phantom 4 & DJI Inspire 1. Ground motion shots with my roller skates.
Song Client Amor/ Artist Ike Lowrey.

January 2015 Video I was the camera DP with the Sony F7s and every moving shot is with my DJI Phantom 2 with GoPro 4K custom lens.
Artist Goapele, Song Strong as Glass
Directed by Lesetja Mohlabane
DP, camera OP, & aerials by Beto Lopez
Color correction done at

How Great is Our God Music video I directed, filmed and edited/ 75% Drones shots I did as well.

Aerial shots DJI/ Nikon Music video "Go Crazy Breathless aka Honey B"
Music video I directed. Breathless and I sat down and planned out the story board shots we wanted for the video.
I enjoyed filming and editing this video. Aerial shots with my DJI Phantom 2 and HotRod custom GoPro 3Plus Black edition.
Camera Nikon D800E, Zeiss Lenses.
Filmed by Beto Lopez
Artist Breathless AKA Honey B
Style and Design by

Aerial shots DJI/ Nikon Music video "Go Crazy Breathless aka Honey B" from Beto Lopez on Vimeo.

Artist: SamanthaAnne

Video I had directed, filmed and edited for a new young artist.
Rihanna-Diamonds Full Official Cover Music Video & Lyrics-SamanthaAnneMusic

Rihanna-Diamonds Full Official Cover Music Video & Lyrics from Beto Lopez on Vimeo.

09/23/11 New song & Music Video/ John G - Golden State

New video "Orukusaki Hip-Hop Soul" 12/27/10

Sorry about the booty shaking in this video. Not my normal style of filmmaking but it was a job to do lol. I'm currently editing a non booty shake version for the kids.
Big Freedia-Na Who Mad summer 2011 New Orleans

Mac Reese, Lil Raider, Big Cholo Ft. San Quinn "ON THE COME UP"
Video I was hired to DP for & 100% filmed.

Mac Reese, LiL Raider Ft. Philthy Rich "OVA THA STOVE TOP"
Video I was hired to DP for & 100% filmed.

Below are past music videos directed by Beto "Mooncricket" Lopez
The Goapele "Closer" video which became a big hit was shot on the fly by accident in 2001 on a Sony PD-150.

As you can see below this video was made by accident. I was making an EPK for Goapele before she got signed by Sony BMG and I just made it up as we were on the road I would just have them stop the car and we ghetto styled it and when I saw the shot I liked when the sun was just right. Everything you see in the video is all natural and no effects. Just simple editing and the way I see things when I shoot on the fly.

This video was made for Ford Motors directed by Beto "Mooncricket Lopez. He also has a small little performance in it as well. lifecasting since 2007Sony BroadcasterFord Fiesta Agent Chapter One and Chapter TwoFord Motor Company AgentFord Fiesta Movement Chapter One Best Body of Work Award Winner
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