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This is a video we did for during the release of the iPad3. We we asked the night before this shoot and didn't know what we were filming until the day of the shoot when arrival. So if anyone plans to hire us last minute please be prepared to rent an extra wireless lav mics or add on your budget for me to hire a sound boom mic operator. I only own one lav mic and there was not enough time to get another one to rent.

Tested Takes a Quick Look at Apple's New iPad

iPad Autopsy - Will and Norm Disassemble Apple's New iPad

November 2011- Nike Sizzle video 2011- Filmed and edited by Beto Lopez for Nike.

November 19th 2011 - One People Flash Mob — Occupy
On 19 November 2011 over 100 dancers converged at Occupy SF & Oakland to dance the world awake.

Estee Lauder's Multi City Flash Mob 2011

Pro-Keds Spec made in 2002

2005 Mavericks Fitness TV commercial for Contra Costa and East bay Emeryville-Oakland, CA area.

Retro Built custom car company made in 2010

Extended Ford Fiesta car commercial Spec 2009

2011 Ford Fiesta promotion interview 2009

Product promotional video 2008

2004 video I made for Sony Broadcast that they had me demonstrate for them at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival. I had the prototype HDV Sony High Def camera HVR-Z1U when HDV professional was first being announced. Youtube was not HD ready at the time when I first uploaded this video. I gave a demonstration for many big companies such as Technicolor and Robert Redford.

Playstation promotional video for Zion I and Traxxpad at the Mezzanine SF

Promotional video for New Years Party New years 2009
Sneakers Required San Francisco Mos Def Goapele 2008/ 2009 promotion Mos Def

Cheesy Chef Indian commercial haha. 2005

2004 promotional dance video for Flex. This was made before youtube had the ability for high quality uploads. lifecasting since 2007Sony BroadcasterFord Fiesta Agent Chapter One and Chapter TwoFord Motor Company AgentFord Fiesta Movement Chapter One Best Body of Work Award Winner
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