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Hot Wheels Design Center Secret Tour 2009

Hot Wheels Design Center

Ford Motors Ford Fiesta Movement gave us missions to go out and create to promote the Ford Fiesta. I didn't like any of the ideas so I asked can I can my idea about getting into the Hot Wheels design center be cool. They loved the idea and with Ford's magic they made it happen. I'm already a big Hot Wheels collector. I have Hot Wheels from the first year of 1968 redlines in a display case that many collectors keep asking me to sell to them. I still collect my favorite Hot Wheels and I have a bigger appreciation on how they are made after going to the Hot Wheels design Center at the Mattel head Quarters.

It was amazing to be able to go in the place where most Hot Wheel collectors and action figure collectors dream of going to. They would normally have to go a in a big line at the the Comic Con in San Diego to even get close to any designer. Since I have always enjoyed art and designing my own car designs since my high school art class I was very excited to meet with the designers who made the Hot Wheels I collect. I wanted to do this like Willie Wonka's Chocolate factory and teaming up with my buddy Andres Acosta who is a designer himself I had him design teh Golden Ticket. It came out perfect just like the Willy Wonka Golden ticket. I wanted to make the video believable where I find the Golden Ticket that gives me access to the Deign Center. I thought of that after Mattel told me that no one has ever filmed inside the design center and even Discovery Channel has requested and has been denied.

So why me? Well they told me that the timing was perfect because they were just getting into social media marketing. They saw my work and saw what I was doing for Ford Motors with the Ford Fiesta campaign and realized that this would be a great opportunity for their company at Mattel. It was a win win for all of us. The Hot Wheel of the Ford Fiesta is not really a Ford Fiesta. I took a Mazda and customized it to look like a Ford Fiesta haha. I hope they make one so I can have with my real Fiesta.

They said they never open the cockpit or let anyone sit in it. We felt special.
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